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Creating space for birthing person: local hospitals new ideas.

By Ligia Santos | August 5, 2019

During labor I always see my clients creating their own path neither it’s with breathe or movements they find a way to cope with pain and “spend” time in contractions. Early stage of labor and active labor ask for movements, and to be able to walk and create space in the room is crucial for…

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Michigan et Brasil: Duas visoes de parto distintas

By Ligia Santos | July 30, 2019

Do you want to read this post in English? click here. Michigan e Brasil: duas visões de parto distintas. Calor encontra o frio Barulho conhece o silêncio Português e Inglês se misturam Professora encontra doula Cesária conhece parto natural Falta de conhecimento encontra informação Quando me mudei para Michigan, descobri diversas formas de parto e…

Detroit Birth Doula Services

When Brazil meets Michigan

By Ligia Santos | July 10, 2019

Quer ler este texto em português? clique aqui. Michigan and Brazil: Two very different birth cultures Warm met cold Noise met silence Portuguese met English Teacher met doula Cesarian met natural births Lack of knowledge met information When I moved to Michigan, I have discovered so many different ways to give birth, very different from…

Your tribe, my tribe.

By Ligia Santos | June 28, 2019

If you are thinking about gathering a team of professionals to care for you during pregnancy, labor and birth please think about support. You will need people to support your ideas and not to judge it. People who will try to understand your way of thinking and not induce you for easy choices. People who…

doulas and partners birth roles

I love partners and I love doulas.

By Ligia Santos | June 18, 2019

People say: “I don’t need a doula. My partner is going to be there”. Awesome! Partners are a fundamental piece of labor and birth but they are not doulas and I will tell you why. Partners have an emotional and profound connection with the birthing person and that what changes everything. I am not saying…