birthing at detroit area hospitals

During labor I always see my clients creating their own path neither it’s with breathe or movements they find a way to cope with pain and “spend” time in contractions. Early stage of labor and active labor ask for movements, and to be able to walk and create space in the room is crucial for opening pelvis and giving some room for baby.

Thinking about that, Harris Birthing Center at DMC Huron Valley-Sinai Hospital in Commerce Township created an interactive walking path to expectant moms. It consist in 9 stations with videos and information about squats, hydration, lactation, delivery and postpartum.

Another Hospital that is considering more over delivery and labor is Ascension Crittenton in Rochester. They just launch their all-in-one-room labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum stay. Equipped with birthing balls, aromatherapy and even private whirlpools.

All of this encourage birthing person to try more ways of laboring, instead of the old and so hard bed. It also gives freedom to feel and take place in a space that has always been of the mother and baby.

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