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Michigan and Brazil: Two very different birth cultures

Warm met cold

Noise met silence

Portuguese met English

Teacher met doula

Cesarian met natural births

Lack of knowledge met information

When I moved to Michigan, I have discovered so many different ways to give birth, very different from my home country, Brazil, where we almost only see the c-Section as an option.

Brazil has one of the highest caesareans rates in the world (about 85% of births in Brazil are C-sections) and this is not a one-person problem, but a cultural and structured chain of factors that bring women to the operating table.

Michigan has also showed to me that birthing women have more options to choose their own pathway than I have seen in Brazil. For instance, if you are looking for an OB, here in USA, you can also consider having a midwife. Another option is that instead of going straight to a hospital, it is good to realize that we also have birthing centres as well as our own house.

Consider a new way:

I propose to you and all my clients to be open for new ways of labor, to make suitable decisions for your family. To try one more push, to breath with me and hold my hand in this journey where:

  • Cold meets warm when I massage your back.
  • Silence meets noise when I encourage you to vocalize.
  • English meets Portuguese when we communicate with eye contact.
  • Doula meets teacher when I guide you through some breaths.
  • Natural births meet caesarean when we make informed and shared decisions.
  • Information meets unknowledge when we study and research.

“To change the world, we must first change the way the babies are being born.”

About Ligia Santos

Olá. I am a birth doula providing support for expatriate and local families around Metro Detroit area. I have been living in Michigan for 4 years now and serving moms is my passion. If you have any question please contact me, I will be happy to answer it!

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