If you are thinking about gathering a team of professionals to care for you during pregnancy, labor and birth please think about support.

You will need people to support your ideas and not to judge it. People who will try to understand your way of thinking and not induce you for easy choices. People who will educate you with information and knowledge and not go against your ideas because you may have a different way of reasoning. People who will actively listen to you, and not only follow protocols.

So, take this time (42 weeks) and try to create your support non-judgemental team. And, please, consider having a doula there, as I am sure you will feel much more safe and complete.

“...one cannot actively help a woman to give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily.”

About Ligia Santos

Olá. I am a birth doula providing support for expatriate and local families around Metro Detroit area. I have been living in Michigan for 4 years now and serving moms is my passion. If you have any question please contact me, I will be happy to answer it!

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