doulas and partners birth roles

People say: “I don’t need a doula. My partner is going to be there”.

Awesome! Partners are a fundamental piece of labor and birth but they are not doulas and I will tell you why.

Partners have an emotional and profound connection with the birthing person and that what changes everything. I am not saying that your doula is not going to be connected to you, however she will. Your doula will engage you, push you to your limits because she sees you are a capable birthing person, other than feel sorry for you pain.

Partners may feel different sorts of fears during labor, which is normal, but sometimes it can affect the birthing person. Doulas will take a different role and will be there as a third party, who can see things from a different perspective bringing a positive angle for what is happening.

Doulas have techniques that partners may not have or know, such as: massages, breathing rhythms, vocalization, variety of poses, alternative ways of coping with pain, visualization...

Nevertheless, there is always a role for everybody. As I say, partners are a fundamental piece during labor and birth. They bring protection, home feelings, family bonds, intimacy and they together share the most amazing moment of their lives.

I love partners and I love doulas.

About Ligia Santos

Olá. I am a birth doula providing support for expatriate and local families around Metro Detroit area. I have been living in Michigan for 4 years now and serving moms is my passion. If you have any question please contact me, I will be happy to answer it!

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