OLÁ! (hello in Portuguese)

I am a CD(DONA) metro Detroit birth doula, and Brazilian expatriate, devoted to helping local families have a positive experience in birth. Whether you are far from home (an expat like me!), or your extended family lives across the country, my goal as your birth doula is to ensure that you are 100% supported and cared for.


around 5 years ago...

I was a Brazilian woman trying to have a vaginal birth in a country where the c-section rates are approximately 85% (Imagine that! The World Health Organization says it should be 10 - 15%!)

I was a woman . . . seeking information, education and learning about natural ways of giving birth, so I could break away from the birth statistics.

I was a girl . . . entering the "birth world", facing my own body and its fears.

I not only gave birth to my son, but also to myself, as a doula.

Detroit Doula Ligia Abdala

Today, I am a mother of 2 boys, living in a foreign country but with the same desire to assist women in the same situation as I have been.

I am the person who will support the families in need, guiding them into their own labor bringing them a caring touch, trustful words and sensible looks. I will understand your concerns and help you solve them.

I will assist you before, during and after labor.


I am a birth doula who believes that every woman should have a respectful birth and labor experience.

I will be there emotionally and physically, supporting your family with evidence-based information, in order to assist you to make better and healthier decisions.

I offer pre-natal and postpartum visits, where we can talk about childbirth education and labor, share fears and worries, information and ideas, in a non-judgmental relationship.

Lotus:  $900 ($300+ $300+ $300)
(includes 1 prenatal visit, labor and birth support, and 2 postpartum visits.)

Lavender: $650 ($250+$200+$200)

(in person support during labor+2 postpartum visits)

Lily: $550 ($200+$175+$175)

(1 virtual prenatal meeting+labor and birth support)




If you are thinking about breastfeeding, you will need a support team and I can be part of it.

I offer breastfeeding visits and assistance. I will watch and help baby latch, assist you correcting position and suggest changes to the environment.

With information and lots of learning moms can have a successful and feel great about breastfeeding.

(One home visit. Travel fees may apply.)


"I'm so happy with Ligia, she is Someone who could support me and my husband, as first time parents, Having a doula is really helpful All the time we spend with her is 100% efficient and helpful. I would say, the “preparation” for the delivery is the most important part for me. I have the information I need thanks to our pre-partum meetings. She always answer all my questions and give me more information about pregnancy."

Emy Gaco

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"Having Ligia as my doula was an amazing experience. She was really caring and thoughtful every time we met, not only during labor but also in our meetings before and after delivery! I really recommend having a doula by your side in this special moment of your life!"

Marcia Foratto

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"Thank you so much for everything, I fell much more confident now. Your work is wonderful and we can fell how much love you put into it. We are very happy to have you by our side and we wanted to say thanks for all the orientation and love."



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"It’s been a blessing to have Ligia as my doula! She’s very well prepared and informed about all things related to childbirth! Every time that my husband and I need her orientation, help or some information she answers us very promptly! I’m in the 25th week of pregnancy and until now all recommendations for classes, advices and information she gave us was very helpful. I’m really thankful for her services and I highly recommend her as a doula for every mother to be that’s looking for a peaceful and well oriented birth."

Daniele Gimenes

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"I would like to thanks Ligia for her support, caring and partnership. Thanks for all your caring and messages that was so important that I could have a VBAC. I would like to congratulate you for the beautiful work and the light that shines from your eyes and the love you show when working with us. Congratulations and I wish we could have more Ligias in this world, that are concerned with humans, feelings and the truthful things in life"

Aline Borba

“Devotion and sharing are the path to universal love.”